FR House Wire Allwyn


Conductor:EC grade flexible copper class 5 generally conforms IEC 60228, IS 8130
Insulation:FR/FRLS-H/ZHFR Insulation compound
Colors:Red, yellow, blue, green, black, grey. Any other colour available on request


Fixed installation in conduits and under plaster for Power distribution to electrical appliances & Lighting in Houses, Commercial Complexes, Shopping Malls, Buildings, Industries, Hospitals, Apartments etc.

Special Features

“FR” PVC Insulated cable
  • High flame-retardant properties
  • Excellent resistant to moisture, abrasion, grace, oil
  • Longer Flex Life
  • Excellent mechanical & electrical properties
  • Steam and boiling water resistant
“FRLS” PVC Insulated cable
  • Better Flame-retardant property
  • Less Halogen acid gas evolution
  • Resistant to tarnishing of copper
  • Excellent resistant to moisture, abrasion, grace, oil
  • Excellent mechanical & electrical properties

House Wire

Nominal cross sectional area of conductorNumber/Nominal dia of strandsNominal insulation thicknessMax. Overall diameterMax conductor resistance at 20°CCurrent rating
114 / 0.300.73.218.11413
1.522 / 0.300.73.412.11816
2.536 / 0.300.84.27.412420
456 / 0.300.84.84.953226

Specifications given here are subject to change to satisfy requirements. The number of wires is approximate and wire diameter is nominal; they shall be such as to satisfy the requirements of conductor resistance.

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