Double Layer NBR Welding Cable


Conductor:High conductivity, bare annealed copper flexible conductor, EC copper class 5
Separator:Polyester tape
Insulation:NBR double insulated
Sheath:NBR, HOFR
Colors:Orange & Black Jacket

Generally conforms to CENELEC HD 22-6 31, VDE 0282, IEC 245-6, BS 6899, IS 6830/84


High quality welding cables are designed for the secondary (high current) connection to metal arc welding electrodes. It is suitable for flexible use under rugged conditions, on assembly lines and conveyor systems, in machine tool and automatically operated line

Special Features

  • Double insulated, High performance welding lead
  • FR properties
  • Excellent flexibility to last longer in flex applications
  • Outstanding toughness & durability
  • High resistance to cuts, tears & abrasion
  • Resistance to oil, solvents and chemicals
  • Excellent ozone and weather resistant

Technical Information

Cross Sectional AreaCopper ConstructionInner Dia.Outer Dia Appx.Max. Conductor Resistance at 20˚CMax. Current (Amb. Temp of 40˚C)
AWGNos. / Dia. mmmmmmΩ/kmAMPS
6273 / 0.2548.0010.701.39115
4427 / 0.2549.5012.100.873150
2651 / 0.25411.0014.200.554205
1817 / 0.25411.7015.400.44240
1/01045 / 0.25412.3016.300.349285
2/01330 / 0.25414.4018.700.276325
3/01672 / 0.25416.6020.800.221380
4/02146 / 0.25418.2023.000.175440

Rating factors for variation in ambient temperature

Ambient temperature °C20°25°30°35°40°45°50°55°60°65°
Rating factor1.0410.960.910.870.820.760.690.640.57

Specifications given here are subject to change to satisfy requirements. The number of wires is approximate and wire diameter is nominal; they shall be such as to satisfy the requirements of conductor resistance.

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